With the weather in England being so unpredictable these days its worth considering some additions to the garden that will allow you to spend time in it no matter what the weather.
The obvious solution to a summer day, that is actually sunny, would be sheltered areas that give shade when you need it most. There are lots of options on the market ranging from sail shades to thatched African style huts. It could also be as simple as a pergola covered in your favorite climbing plants. Why not choose some evergreen climbers such as clematis armandii, this is also scented giving an option for a seated area during the colder months.

Strong winds are something I am seeing more of in our garden and windbreaks will help not only you but any tender plants that would otherwise struggle. You can of course plant trees or hedges that will cut down the wind and also provide habitats for wildlife but even these will need protection to begin with. Other products are available that will be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical such as screens.

Windbreaks must not be solid as this will create its own problems but must simply break the power of the wind by filtering it. Using materials such as rolls of natural fencing is a great value way of introducing a beautiful windbreak that will blend well with its surroundings.

Rain shelters are similar to shade areas but must generally have a solid roof. The options are wide ranging and if you live in an area that is particularly wet you can even opt for covered walkways and glass veranda’s.

Winter can be a time when the garden is almost forgotten as a place to relax or entertain. This need not be the case as making use of design elements such as the firepit and even fireplace will heat a small area and are a great excuse to cuddle up to a loved one. For those on a smaller budget there are well priced chimenea’s that are widely available.

As long as you plan your garden carefully there need not be a time in the year when it is not practical to enjoy it comfortably. So why not make use of this important space and remember to have fun with it.