Binham holiday cottage garden design


We were invite to transform a weed covered patch into a holiday cottage garden in Binham, Norfolk. The garden needed to be relatively low maintenance and the client specified a lawn in the centre and an area for a garden room in the corner.

We wanted to make use of the items that had been left in the garden by the previous owner and work with the fabulous view across the fields.

We designed a raised bed to make use of the few railway sleepers that had been left in the garden and we recycled the metal water tanks into water features in front of the raised bed. The raised beds were planted with rosa rugosa to give a raised flowering hedge that would give privacy from the neighbours deck area.

In the opposite corner we built a raised deck to make the most of the lovely Norfolk view. The deck is designed to look as if it was floating with steps up from either side. We backed the deck with trellis to provide privacy to both our client and her neighbor when the deck was in use.

There were ugly concrete paths that ran around all four sides of the garden and instead of trying to rip them up we descried to use them as a base for something more attractive. We named this garden the Binham mosaic garden after the beautiful stone mosaic paths that we created to make the old paths beautiful again.We designed spirals of different coloured stone which we set onto the old paths.

The center path cuts diagonally across the garden to a large gravel area that was built to house a summer house in the future.

There are two large flower beds filled with perennials to provide year round colour, these are mulched with wood chip for ease of maintenance.

We then finished off the holiday cottage garden with a new lawn which looks beautifully green against the backdrop of stone and timber.


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November 16, 2015

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