Carlton Colville decking project

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Our client in Carlton Colville, Norfolk, decking project wasn’t a straight forward job. We do love a challenge and this one was certainly interesting. Firstly the area the client wanted to have the deck built on had previously been a large square brick lined pond.

Starting with a big hole in the ground and not having the budget to dig it out and refill with top soil, meant we had to get creative. So the pond is still under there, but you would never know to look at now. I have included some before photos to show the transformation.

Our client was also intending to have a large summer house built so we were tasked with moving his beloved Acer’s (Japanese Maple) and clearing that area as well.

I wanted to give the family some privacy from the houses that overlooked the garden and so we also built a curved pergola into the deck. Either side of this we built in planting holes for the Acer’s to be transplanted into. We used the rocks, that used to be in the pond, as a decorative mulch around the Acer’s.

We installed little LED lights in the sides and steps as both a decorative and a safety feature so that at night it was easier to navigate on and off the deck. Normally we would install a balustrade along the edge of a raised deck but the client decided against having this feature.

In this decking project we used a softwood deck board to make the project cost effective. This type of decking board would need treating to prevent it becoming slippery. When choosing your decking there are several choices varying in price, and appearance, and it is a good idea to research these before committing.

If you have an area in mind for a deck why not contact us for a free quote.


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November 17, 2015

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