Sandringham flower show 2016 Judging

Sandringham flower show 2016 Silver Gilt medal winning garden.

Half Wild

This year Hall Landscaping & Design are celebrating 10 years of building beautiful gardens. This year we are building a garden called ‘Half Wild’. The garden is about bringing nature and wild areas into the garden without compromising on design.

As our countryside and wildlife come under increasing pressure we need to consider ways in which we can help with the space we have. Our gardens can play a vital part in this but we also don’t want to turn them over to wild spaces. We have to find a compromise which is where design can help. We can find ways of having beautiful gardens to enjoy with friends or family and still contribute by making them wildlife friendly.

We have designed a garden that gives the client a low maintenance garden full of colour with a relaxing space to entertain or spend time with family.

With the help of Harrowden turf a wild flower lawn acts as both a beautiful way to enter the garden but also as a habit for bees, butterfly’s and birds. A hedge separates the formal garden from the wild flower lawn and is perfect for birds to nest in.

The garden is also a little bit of a joke about how designing a show garden that pleases both the public and the judges, and all the work that goes into them, can drive designers and landscapers half wild. have kindly lent us some beautiful pieces that are dotted throughout the garden.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the last 10 years building anything from small city gardens to large country gardens and we are looking forward to all the interesting projects to come.


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November 12, 2016

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