Holt coastal garden design

Norfolk garden design

We were invited by our client to produce a small coastal garden design for a blank template garden with an awkward shape. When we arrived there were a few flags outside the patio door, a large rough lawn, a palm in a pot and a bench seat.

We were set the task to include artificial grass for ease of maintenance as the whole garden needed to be easy to look after but with a wow factor.

The Holt coastal garden design we came back with was a low maintenance coastal themed garden with a lush tropical feel to the planting scheme.

We wanted to replace the fence but the budget wouldn’t stretch to that so instead we reinforced the posts to make it last longer and then covered it in split bamboo roll and batons. This gave the garden a good backdrop in a cost effective way.

We then build in a sleeper raised bed to grow the lush tropical looking planting scheme which would have a stone mulch. We built a round deck which hangs over the artificial turf and a curved gabion seat behind wooden groins which were set into the raised bed and turf area. The groins give a screening effect making the gabion seat feel as if it is a secret space within the otherwise open garden space. The tall palms planted behind the seat make the area feel less over looked by the surrounding houses.

To give the garden more interest and allow room for a table and chairs near the house we introduced a patio circle within the curved sandstone patio. A path leads to the back of the garden and door into the garage.

Plant list:

Pinus mugo mops


SEDUM ‘Crystal Pink’

CAREX buchananii (Fox-red Sedge)

PHORMIUM cookianum ‘Cream Delight’ (‘Mountain Flax’)

PHORMIUM ‘Sundowner’ (New Zealand Flax)

ERYNGIUM planum (Sea Holly)

CHAMAEROPS humilus (Dwarf Fan Palm)

TRACHYCARPUS fortunei (Chusan Palm)


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October 19, 2015

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