Norwich Bespoke planters

Bespoke small garden planters

We designed raised bespoke planters for our clients tiny Norwich garden.

The courtyard of clients new Norwich home was tiny. They had moved from a larger country home to a beautiful historic property in the city and had brought some of their plants with them. Unfortunately all the plant pots were crowding the tiny courtyard which was only just big enough for the table and chairs for two.

I needed to design a solution that wouldn’t mean touching the historic building or courtyard but would satisfy their need for some pretty plants to look at.

The courtyard was luckily a suntrap as the sun through the buildings at just the right angle so light wasn’t an issue. Access was an issue with a small gate the only way of bringing materials onto the site.

I designed a raised planter to compliment the angles of the Norfolk reed fencing that was already in the garden.

The colour needed to compliment the fencing and help to make the planters disappear into the background whilst making the plants seem bigger.

The bespoke planter was a timber construction with a woven curved oak panel as the feature of the largest part. The finials and framing detail made the piece feel more in keeping with the period features of the house. The whole planter was painted in a country cream colour which sat against the fence without seeming out of place.

The planter sides were lined with a black PVC to help protect the wood from the wet soil and a membrane in the bottom of the planter allows the water to escape so that the plants don’t become to wet.

We were able to plant all of the owners potted plants as well as add a climber that would grow up the fence and onto the new trellis tops that we had built to provide privacy for the clients.

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March 3, 2016

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