The Rose garden

small water feature

The rose garden is a medium sized project for a new build house in Stalham, Norfolk. Our clients wanted a low maintenance easy to look after garden and they had experience with roses. They wanted a classic English country garden and the surroundings lent itself to this design.

The garden has a high water table and heavy clay soil with two problem areas. At the end of the existing patio near the fence and at the other end near the house became water logged in the winter months and unusable.

We decided to extend the patio near the fence to make this area usable all year especially since this was used as an access path to the oil tank.

The other problem area was solved with a weed suppressing membrane and Cotswold chippings with a large pot water feature as a focal point.

The planting was designed to thrive clay soil and the Buxus variety was chosen for its box blight resistance.

The plant list for this garden is below:

Iris Ensata

Iris Siberica

Buxus Faulkner

Rosa Burgundy ice

Rosa Arthur Bell

Rosa Deep secret

Geranium Johnsons blue

Thalictrum aquilegiifolium

Ligularia Dentata

The garden was designed in an L shape with the side entrance path to the garden surrounded on both sides by box hedging and roses and the main path was banked with Iris, geranium and thalictrum. A large area of Cotswold chippings was left for the clients to add their chosen pots or decoration to.

The main garden area is a circle of lawn surrounded by box hedging rose beds. This leads to the long path and the patio area. The patio has views across the rose garden or towards the water feature.

The water feature is designed as a relaxing trickle and adds to the feel of movement within the garden.


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July 17, 2016

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