Wild garden design

We transformed a bramble filled dumping ground into a stunning wild garden design for our clients in North Norfolk. We were set a huge challenge as the ground had been left untouched for many years and used as a dumping ground. We had to clear several lorry’s worth of debris before we could start to build the new garden.

We created a large wildflower meadow with paths that meandered through, in the first year the meadow gave an impressive display of colour and will do for many years to come. We also created a new woodland filled with flowering bulbs and edged with a wild dog wood border.

The woodland was filled with both standard and multi stem Betula Jacquemontii, with its shining white bark, and at its heart stands an ancient apple tree with rosy red fruit.

A large bespoke fruit cage stands at the end of the woodland paths providing protection from the birds. The fruit cage has two entrances and is designed as a feature of the garden as well as a functional space. It has a cedar shingle roof to allow the clients to collect rain water for their plants.

A newly planted mulberry tree stands next to the fruit cage and the hedge here has wild growing hops and newly planted flowering cherry. We built  bridge to lead down to the lower part of the garden where the client intends to develop a vegetable garden..

Two large new ponds are filled with plants to attract wildlife and are joined with a pebble filled stream. The top pond has a cantilevered jetty next to a smooth sandstone patio and outdoor kitchen for entertaining. The outdoor kitchen is clad in cedar, which will mellow over time, and is surrounded by columns of Hornbeam.

We are proud to announce that our work, on the wild garden design, has been featured on the meadowmat website as an example of how their beautiful wild flower meadow turf can look.


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January 23, 2016

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