Not so long ago we built a garden with a deck that turned out to be a perfect place for sipping your preferred tipple.DSCN1667

Inspired by an article shared this morning I have decided to put together a little collection of plant based drinks. A little off topic but gardens are to enjoyed right and I’m all for making the most of the plants you grow.

So starting with the inspiration

Lavender cocktails

A sour gin or non alcoholic lemonade made using a lavender syrup. The syrup is made by boiling lavender flowers, sugar and water.


Syrups are a quick and easy way to use plants to flavour drinks one of my favourites is mint syrup used in recipes like Louisiana Jam cocktails.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam This recipe uses simple syrup (sugar syrup) but adding mint to the syrup as well is lovely.

More flavour inspiration here

Of course there are also the teas ones I particular like are:

Nettle & Peppermint (sounds strange but its lovely and I believe twinings are doing a good one to



Lemon Balm


But there are so many more drinks far to many for me to write about in one little blog. Go out and try for yourself and I would love to hear about your favourite and not so good discoveries.