bespoke planter 1

At Hall Landscaping we specialize in creating unique items for your garden. In this Norwich courtyard garden plants come first and the sunniest position was reserved for them. Until we arrived they were housed in a number of plastic pots which were drying out in the hot sun and the owners needed a new home for them that didnt require watering on a daily basis.

As the house is a listed building the planter we built needed to be sympathetic to its surroundings and to achieve this we chose a classic style and matched the colour to the building.


bespoke planter 2


The front needed to be curved to make the most of the space and we acheived this by using a woven oak panel.

bespoke planter 3

This particular planter took 2 tonnes of soil compost mix to fill but we do make smaller planters or even larger if you wish.