An L-shaped garden in the courtyard of a converted barn in Norfolk was our project for June 2013.

The odd shape needed to feel as though it flowed linking the entire garden and a larger area for entertianing was needed.

The garden needed to be low maintenance as the owners used this as a holiday home and the old lawn needed replacing.



After repairing and relaying the old stone patio we used Marshalls Woodstone sleepers to increase the patio area and create stepping stones to the side of the house.


We also created raised beds in the top of the l-shape and near the patio using woodstone sleeper beds.

A curved edge created some interest near the rear door and using gravel here and near the front door helped to link the two areas.

A new lawn was laid after we removed a large amount of rubble from below the old lawn and put down some new topsoil to provide enough nutrients for the new lawn.



A climbing hydrangea was planted against the wall and a new reed fancing screen was build to disguise the tool storage.