2023 is looking like a more challenging time to sell houses. With predictions varying on how much house prices will drop we need to use all we have to stand out from the crowd. I think everyone knows the term Kerb appeal now but how many of us are forgetting our gardens in favour of a splash of paint inside to help sell our houses. I’m not saying don’t do the inside but even simple changes can be made to the outside to help. First impressions really do count so at the very least trim the hedges, tidy the rubbish away and mow the lawn. But it is possible to do more that will make the most of your space. Since the experience of lockdown most buyers will value even a small courtyard or front garden as a place to escape if needed. Gardens are more important now than ever before but so is time and most people do not want to maintain gardens and therefore a little clever thinking to make your outdoor spaces as attractive as possible is needed. I hold my hands up at this point and say I’m not a plastic lawn fan and I think there are better ways to solve these problems although I acknowledge that in some cases it has its place. 


Colour will be really important. Think about how you walk down a street and what you notice. Most of the time it will be a colour that attracts your attention first and then you will examine the area in more detail. Something as simple as some containers that you can then take with you when you move will help but please remember to water. It can take a while to sell a house and drooping flowers can be as bad as none.

Entertaining space

If you’re lucky enough to have a larger garden it’s worth taking a look at any patios you have. Most will be tired and need a revamp and now is actually the time to do it. Any money you invest now will come back to you in sales. Choose an area large enough to accommodate a table and chairs and close enough to the kitchen to make it easy to transport food and drinks. The patio size will very often be dictated by the size of the house and garden. A four bed house with a patio that only fits a table for 2 won’t work.

Unless your target audience is the restoration market then most of the viewings will be with people who want to move in and have nothing to do. Just like adding a new kitchen or bathroom a well planned garden can add to the sale price and attractiveness of a home and can sell it for you. We are used to looking for the areas that need improvement so if you want a second opinion give us a call or drop us a line.