I would like to wish all our customers past present and future a happy Christmas but not only our customers. I am fortunate enough to have some very talented staff on the team and I am looking forward to continuing the good work with them in 2017. I would also like to wish their families a happy Christmas.

I would like to say a thank you to our suppliers and fellow Horti people you have been supportive and there to advise when needed. Every small business needs advise at some point and I am lucky enough to have access to the great resource that is the APL community.

Looking forward to 2017 and I am getting excited about some new services we will be offering. Just a couple of these great new services will be green roofs, bespoke garden screens and a kerb appeal service. Look out for more details of these in the coming months.

We are lucky enough to be starting 2017 with a bang, designing and building a staff garden for a well known specialist plant breeder. We will be posting pictures as the garden progress’s.

So for now enjoy yourselves relax with family and if you would like a new garden give me a call 01692 535431