Typical March jobs:
Continue to mow lawn and prune shrubs (weather permitting)
Plant out chitted early potatoes
Plant out shallot’s and onions
If the weather is mild enough sow:
Broad beans
brussel sprouts

Vegetable seeds sales have risen over the last three years with 2007 seeing roughly 30%, 2008 roughly 60% and in 2009 overtaking sales of flower seeds.
So if your not already growing your own will you be in 2010?
Most of us live in urban areas with little or no garden so do you have the room for veg? The answer is yes even if you just have a window box or hanging basket.
There are lots of veg for containers so why not try tomato (Gartenperle) and strawberry hanging baskets for a bit of sweat and savoury or window boxes of mixed salad leaves and spring onions. Even cucumbers such as Burpless Tasty Green F1, will happily grow outside as long as you give them lots of organic matter.
Both young and old love to try what they have grown but if your still finding some resistance why not try heirloom variety’s for a very pretty plateful. Who would not be curious about trying Cauliflowers in white, orange, green or purple. Peas that are yellow, green or purple Bi-colour sweetcorn and yellow, orange, red or purple carrots. Most vegetable seeds cannot be planted yet but sifting through seed catalogues choosing your summer menu can be just as enjoyable so now is the time to buy and sowing time will soon be here.

And of course don’t forget Mothers day this month for a homemade mothers day present why not plant her some pretty tubs that will last from spring into early summer.
Choose your containers, making sure it has drainage holes and place broken pot pieces or polystyrene in the bottom. Fill with compost and choose a structural perennial such as box, bay or Cordyline. Place this at the rear or in the centre depending on the final position. Choose and plant your finishing touches.
Plants available at this time of year:
Hedera Helix (ivy)