When you think of pergola design its often a straight forward post and rail timber construction. These are lovely especially when dripping with climbing roses or wisteria but what if you want the pergola itself to be a thing of beauty.

Pergola’s are useful for adding height to a garden and the design doesn’t have to be run of the mill. Pergolas can be constructed from timber, metal and some even have stone or concrete supports.

Pergolas are used as walkways or shaded seating areas. They can be used as an extension of a building or set apart as a separate usable area or connect different rooms in the garden.

Pergolas are often thought of as featuring in English estate gardens and tend to be thought of as traditional but leaps and bounds have been made in modern pergola construction and some really interesting shapes, colors and materials are starting to appear. Pergolas are now comfortable in urban settings, in roof gardens as much as country gardens. They are becoming truly universal features and can add real value to your space.

Off the shelf flat packs can be bought online but what about something special. I have designed several pergolas and I love creating something unique for our clients gardens. Its always exciting seeing something come together that suits the client, the house and the surroundings. A pergola design that truly compliments and pulls the garden together making it feel whole.

Why not give me a call with your ideas, or ask me to come up with something for you. Our number is 01692 535431 or use the contact form.