Norfolk courtyard garden design

Our clients holiday cottage courtyard garden was tired and needed a revamp after some flooding the year before.

It was planned that the gate to the side would be blocked up to prevent the sea from breaching the garden in the future and new planting and beds would be installed. I designed a low maintenance garden that felt bigger for the client and their guests to enjoy the summer evenings.

A corten steel BBQ and gabions were used to bring a slightly industrial feel and bring the idea of rusty seaside metal into the garden. The gabions were filled with flint to compliment the old cottage flint walls and to help with air flow between the new grander steps and the walls.

The old steps felt to steep and older visitors would struggle with them and so a sweeping entrance was designed with planters incorporated. A new handrail was installed with trellis and climbing plants to make it blend in.

A modern oversize hardwood gate was designed in place of a two section gate that banged in the wind.

The new sandstone paving gave the feeling of a larger entertaining space and the raised lavender and rosemary bed separated the entertaining space from the lower pathway.