Well I know I havent been posting much in the last few weeks but I have a very good excuse. My latest project a modern yet functional almost no maintenance garden is drawing to a close so I can at last post a new blog.
The weather has been stunning and at times a little to hot to being doing the work we have been but we have managed to take up an old patio that stretched right around a house. Good job we did to as the builders had put it above the damp course and it was causing all sorts of problems including rotting the bottom of the front door yes thats is how high they built, it with no gap for drainage.
Then it was on to taking away all the turf, well moss really as under the lovely big beech tree it just didnt stand a chance.
Next building the deck this was really good to see coming along as we were using a composite deck board for the first time and although a little pricy I am very pleased with the results. Composite decking is made from recycled milk bottles and industrial hard wood waste and its maintenance free, what could be better.
Oak sleepers seem to have been in shortage but so glad we got them as they look stunning against the sandstone paving, I have a wonderful paver who did a great job unlike the people who turned up to put the corner shed base in place. I spent the entire day making the neighbours calm down only to find the corner base put in at a funny angle turning the door out of place with the rest of the garden. At least I didnt have anything to do with that part.
Saying that though once the summer house had been put in place it really does look lovely with the rest of my designs.
and now to top it all we are haveing really heavy rain to finish in ahh well cant comlain oh yes I can I am british.
Pictures to follow very shortly.