Whether your reasons are budget or brexit, the trend for self sufficiency is continuing to grow.

Where does a landscaper come into this, you may think that it all has to be DIY. Most people simply dont have the time to set up a vegetable plot so we can give you the head start that your looking for. We can give advice on how to get started, what you can grow in your plot and even how to sow seed. If your looking for a full design and build we can transform your garden for you.

We have planned and built vegetable gardens and potager’s for our clients. The first is a productive garden that makes the most of the space you have available. The design concentrates less on beauty and more on utility.

A potager is another style of vegetable gardening that puts as much importance on beauty as productivity. Originally a french term for combining fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers in the same space.

Gardening in this way can encourage helpful insects and very much utilise’s the companion growing style. This is a method of using plants of different variety’s to disguise plants from the pests and attract pollinating insects.

We can help turn your garden into a beautiful space to be as well as satisfying your dreams of eating home grown produce. Our experst can also help to restore gardens. So if your looking to return a garden to its original potager or kitchen garden style we have the expertise.

Not only will growing your own be good for your pocket but its been proven time and again that your health both physical and mental improves greatly from being in the garden.

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