Gardeners across the country are wrapped up in front of the fire a cup of tea/coffee/tipple in hand dreaming of summer and the garden but as we know us gardeners are a twitchy bunch so what jobs can be done in January.
Well you will be pleased to know that there is no rest for the wicked and even less for the gardener so here is a guide to jobs even the most amateur gardener can get to grips with.

Firstly what better time to plan any new areas of your garden you can start by reshaping any beds or borders that may not have worked last year or add a new veg patch inspired by all those wonderful edible show gardens that were so popular in 2009.
Any of you that started veg gardening last year can now get digging, January is the perfect time to dig in lots of lovely orgainc matter wether single or double digging you may have to wait a little longer in the soil is still frozen or wet as wet soil is easily compacted.

Next there are all those tempting catalogues delivered to your door know is a great time to order lots of lovely seeds that will be delivered in time for sowing. Remember to take time reading and dont just order what you always order as every year there will be something new or even old and long forgotten to try.

Hard pruning for plants like Buddleia can be done now as well as pruning fruit trees, clematis and climbing roses only attempt pruning during mild weather and when the forecast isnt to gloomy.

Planting can be done but again mild weather is best even for roses so for now why not mulch your beds this will also help to warm up your soil.

Your lawn as ever will need tending brushing worm cast off and mowing when mild and dry enough.

And last but not least protect all your tender plants wrapping those that need it and dont forget to protect anything that may get damaged by high winds or heavy snow.