Outdoor living is more than simply having a lovely garden to look at, it is the idea that your garden can be a part of your home. Making your garden work as a functional outdoor space whilst being beautiful at the same time.

Garden living has come a long way in recent years and the furniture and gadgets on the market help to make living this way simple. Outdoor furniture sets now have fabric coverings that feel luxurious and dry quickly without staining. You can have these in a range of colour’s and styles to match the rest of your home and garden.

garden seating

The important thing to remember with outdoor living is that you don’t want to have to pack up if the light fades so a good lighting design is a must. With lighting there are different areas of the garden to consider so will you light the path to door, highlight certain plants or trees or just light the area you plan to use. A combination of all of these is best and can really make the difference between a good garden and a great garden.

See my Pinterest board garden lighting for more inspiration https://uk.pinterest.com/shadowsgardens/garden-lighting/

We all know the British weather can be a little unpredictable so to make the most of our gardens, even in the chill or rain, we need a little planning.

How about a fire pit or brazier to warm yourselves by, you can even buy Swedish style fire logs now which last all night. Discovered by soldiers in the 17th century they are an efficient way to burn a single log to keep cosy by.

Cooking outside has never been more inspiring, you can stick with the BBQ or choose from a range of outdoor kitchens fittings which can be fitted by your landscaper into a bespoke outdoor kitchen complete with worktops shelves and even a fridge. If your feeling in the mood for some Italian inspired alfresco dining why not have a pizza oven built from cob or buy a neat mobile grill and pizza oven from Morsø like the one below.

Forno Garden set

Forno Garden set

These are just a few examples of what can be achieved for more inspiration you can go to my Pinterest board for outdoor living https://uk.pinterest.com/shadowsgardens/outdoor-living/ or call for some ideas on how we can transform your garden.

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