I believe that like our pets our gardens give something of our personality away, especially to the strangers who walk up your garden path. So what does your garden say about you?

Well its only fair that I go first so while I was mowing the lawn (in my T-shirt in Nov silly weather) I examined what my garden says about me.

Well the front garden is well presented if not a little unorthodox, can I get away with saying that without sounding arrogant, oh and a little too preoccupied with what other people think.
Fussy in some areas and completely unorganised in others.
Wildlife friendly trying to be organic and full of veg, fitting as I am vegetarian.
There is always something happening and can be a little to busy at times
And lastly quite and private down a little country lane.

So what does yours say about you are you a loud urban brightly coloured personality or a quite church mouse a scruffy unashamed estate garden or a formal garden totally in control of your life?