Knot Garden

Our client had approached us at Sandringham flower show, in 2011, looking for someone who could revamp her front garden and she was very keen on having a knot garden.

We jumped at the chance of completing this challenging and, yet, potentially the only knot garden we would have the opportunity of building during our career. It was an interesting project and we learned a lot about the differences between a knot garden and a parterre, during our research.

The front garden was a mud rectangle outside a beautiful old farm house and needed to complement both the size and age of the property.

We designed the area to incorporate a square knot garden in from of the main entrance with a path to the front door. The remaining area we designed to be viewed from the office window and to be bright and cheerful.

We incorporate winter colour with the jasmine against one on the old walls that adjoined the back garden.

We membrane and gravelled the entire area to bring it all together and to accentuate the box shapes we would be planting.

The knot garden was laid out with string lines and once we were sure we had the pattern looking just right we planted the 100’s of little box plants that would later grow into a mature knot garden.

In the centre of each knot we placed obelisks with climbing roses to add height to the garden.

The climbing roses continued over the post and wire separators between the knot garden and the garden view from the office. White hydrangeas were planted against the wall to add light but also to bring out the old pipework that used to run into the old well in the garden.

Finally we planted a new yew hedge to separate the garden from the farm track.


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October 19, 2015

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