Patio for entertaining

Brick & Flint retaining wall

Our clients have a lovely traditional Norfolk seaside cottage with a well loved garden that needed an update for modern family life. Their patio existed on two different levels which was impractical. We were asked to redesign the space into a sunken patio for entertaining and relaxing, all on one level.

The new retaining walls needed to look as though they had been there almost as long as the cottage. The walls also needed to hold back the soil from the rest of the garden, which was on a higher level. We built a brick and flint panel facade,  to the structural components behind, using a farmhouse blend brick and Norfolk flint. Two sets of steps were built to access the lawn above. We used this same brick to cope the other existing walls which made them blend in with the rest of the design.The result was a much usable space which also looked beautiful.

Bradstones Heather ridge sandstone was used to pave between the old brick surrounding squares and continued this paving around the entire house. Extending the front door step to make accessing the house easier.Two steps take you from the entrance path up to a new circular brick patio under the old apple tree. Rose cottage clay pavers were used to create this patio feature. We used this same rose cottage clay paver to edge the new larger lawn area.

A considerable clearance was completed to make the lawn larger and to thin out the old shrubs in the surrounding borders. The old turf was stripped and the dips in the lawn filled after which we installed new turf. Perfect for family football games.

A SUD’s drainage system was installed in the new sunken patio to remove excess rain water. After discovering hidden open drains we installed new covers to make them safe.


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August 4, 2016

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