Sandringham show garden 2014

Hall Landscaping & Design at the Sandringham Flower Show 2014

We have been exhibiting at Sandringham flower show for several years and we try to push the boundary’s each year.

In 2014 our Sandringham show garden was a modern cottage garden with a sunken entertaining area. We had a fire pit as a focal point in the sunken garden and a sleeper bridge extended over the sunken garden. The sleeper retaining walls of the sunken garden were wide enough to be used as a seating area. A pond ran along next to the bridge with a copper pipe water feature creating movement in the garden.

We had large modern trellis structures build through the garden to create the sense of rooms within the garden. The trellis was treated with an ancient Japanese technique call shou sugi ban. It creates a beautiful blacken surface with the grain enhanced. Once treated the wood needs to be polished with an oil and then it will last for many years without the need for anti fungal or pesticide treatments. The technique takes a long time to complete as each piece of timber needs to be burnt with a blow torch until the surface is the desired colour.

The sleeper retaining walls around the sunken garden and the bridge sleepers all needed treating in the same manor.

We build an Ecodek breakfast corner so that the garden can be used throughout the day. The planting was reminiscent of a cottage garden with lots of colour and a mixture of perennials, shrubs, trees and grasses. Paths wound around the garden to create interest and encourage the visitor to wander taking time to see the whole garden. Pleached trees along the back fence offer privacy from any overlooking windows.

Each year the judging has been executed by television personalities Chris Beardshaw and Alan Mason. This year we are happy to say we won a Silver medal.


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October 16, 2015

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