Wells, Norfolk family garden design

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Wells Family garden

We were asked by our clients to propose a family garden design for their converted Barn in Wells, Norfolk.

The garden was steeply sloped and the flat area was mainly in front of the parking area, which was not ideal. Being a former barn meant the ground was full of debris with very little topsoil to support any planting. A small square patio existed outside the patio doors but the size wasn’t convenient for family life and there were no places to place their large garden seat.

I dealt with the slope by excavating a large amount of soil in a semi circle and leveling the garden from that point. This took some of the soil away from the building to prevent any damp problems. This also gave them some privacy from the neighbours garden.

The slope and border around the garden was built from sections of upright sleeper, these provided the deep planting area needed for the plants chosen.

The slope became a shrub border for colour and to provide privacy from overlooking windows. A terrace in fron of the shrub bed features a small semi circle of paving that would be the perfect place for the garden seating to overlook the rest of the garden A small circle lawn was laid in front of the seat and a shorter circle of sleeper created the step down onto the lower level.

The lower area, now level, became a family dining area with larger circle patio which we custom built to fit the area. A new flower bed extended from the wall to screen the bedroom windows from the rest of the garden.

The far end of the garden became the children’s play area with a newly installed basket ball net next to the new shed and parking area.

We also installed a large sunken trampoline, because it is sunken it does not intrude on the rest of the garden. As this is a small garden loosing a piece of equipment like this below eye level helps to give the adults the view they want and the children the fun they are looking for.


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February 26, 2016

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