Gresham courtyard garden

Sedum flower bed, Norfolk

Location: Gresham,  Norfolk

Our client first spoke to us at one of the summer garden shows in Norwich. After a quick conversation we were invited to visit the site and come up with some ideas for their courtyard garden. The Gresham courtyard garden was completely paved and as it was an ex farm yard it was solid concrete underneath. We had to come up with a way introducing planting and a seating area whilst also disguising the large drain in the centre of the courtyard.

The idea the clients like most included a large deck for entertaining which covered the drain and the slabs. And a raised bed which made sense of the brick raised island bed that already existed.

We constructed a large strong treated timber platform and clad it in Ecodec boards. Ecodec is a decking board made from hardwood and recycled plastic. This makes it a strong but durable and attractive decking option. Another benefit is that you don’t end up with a slippery surface in the winter. There are several colour options but this client chose the dark brown.

The raised beds not only helped to make sense of the brick raised bed but also provided a separation between the main area and the guest room, giving privacy to them and their guests.

They were open bottomed but lined with a membrane to allow water to escape but keep the soil in place.

The beds were designed in layers with three different heights for interest. The lowest level bed would always be dry and needs to be planted drought tolerant but colourful plants. We chose serums for the varied colours and long flowering season as well as there ability to deal with long periods without water.


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December 12, 2015

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