The elements garden room

Elements garden room

The elements garden room, show garden, was designed in 2011 for Sandringham flower show. This was our third year exhibiting at the show and we are pleased to say we received a silver medal for the garden.

Elements was designed around earth air fire and water with the idea of making the garden into another room.

Earth was shown in the bespoke garden gate which featured garden tools in an interesting and creative way.

Air was represented by the movement of the breeze through the planting and in particular the Nandina domestica.

Fire was represented in the sleeper and stone fireplace within the tumbledown wall of logs at the back of the garden. It was also present in the splash of red from the flowers in the fireplace.

We had a water feature at the gardens heart providing a relaxing movement in the garden. The paving path entering the garden flowed like a river leading you into the garden.


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January 17, 2016

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