Holt small town garden

Holt town garden

I popped back to visit a past client and get some photos of the garden. This client had a small town garden in Holt, Norfolk which had been a very rough lawn with some overgrown borders. It needed reclaiming but the clients also like the wild feel to the borders and in particular one of the beds. Wildlife and wildflowers were really important to this customer and so we tried to go the extra mile to preserve everything we could whilst still giving the clients a usable space.

We did an initial clearance of the surrounding borders to not only reclaim some of the space for use but also to help the client improve the look and health of the plants that were in the garden.

We planned a simple rectangular raised bed with some new plants to disguise an old tree trunk and to give some interest with some different heights in the garden. We also had to work around a small bee colony and in an attempt to save that we paved around their home and introduced some cover in the form of an obelisk with everlasting sweet pea to cover it.

Bee colony

Bee colony

We used a fossil buff paving slab in one size as we felt that a random patio would be to busy for this town garden.

The client bought a new water feature and we installed all the wiring under the new patio. A new statue became a strong focal point in front of an established yew hedge.

If your looking for your own little bit of wild England but still want to be able to use your garden we can help. Give us a call on 01692 535431 or email shadow@gardendesignnorfolk.co.uk for more information on how we can help you.

We are based just outside Norwich making us ideally placed to serve clients throughout Norfolk and Suffolk.


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April 28, 2016

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