Kings Lynn Large grasses garden

Perennial grasses garden Norfolk

Client brief:

We were invited to design a large grasses garden near Kings lynn which would be mainly grasses. It needed to be a relatively low maintenance garden which was in keeping with the surrounding Norfolk Lincolnshire border landscape. The garden was next to a drainage ditch that was filled with long grasses, thistles and a relative of the reed and the surrounding fields were pasture and flower farms. The clients didn’t want to lose the lovely view directly in front of the garden but would prefer some privacy from the sides with fencing to replace the post and wire fence.

We installed a Norfolk reed fencing at two different heights. the sides were 6ft tall for privacy and the bottom was 1m tall to take advantage of the views. We chose Norfolk reed in part because of the strong winds that sweep the area.

The gravel paths are edged with black metal edging which will become covered in grasses, the edging holds back the woodchip mulch that covers the weed supressing membrane.

The paths cross the garden from one corner to the other and go around the septic tank cover in the centre which is well camouflaged. In one corner is a sandstone patio, in another is a gravel circle for a bench to sit, one path leads to the side exit and the main path lead back to the patio near the house.

Next to the large patio next to the house we build a modern pine rock garden with large slabs of sandstone. We planted the rock garden with a mixture of alpines suitable to the exposed location. The main garden is planted with a mixture of grasses which are suitable for both the strong winds and the heavy clay soil. In between the grasses are Echinacea , Russian sage, Sedums and Eringiums for colour and for the birds and bees.


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January 30, 2016

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