Saxthorpe terraced garden

new pond

We built this beautiful garden wall and terrace feature to solve a steeply sloped garden problem. Our clients steeply sloped bank was causing problems while mowing the lawn and hanging the lawn mower down the slope was difficult to manage.

This was also the main view from the dining room and kitchen windows so it was important to have something nice to look at from the house.

My design featured two terraces to break up the slope and make it more manageable. Two garden walls would have been to solid a view from the house so it needed to be a softer terracing design. I decided to feature an interesting stacked slate wall for the main retaining wall at the bottom of the slope and use a clipped box low hedge for the second terrace.

The box hedge was softer but still gave the impression of a solid terrace whilst the roots helped to stabilize the soil in the bank.

In between the two we planted perennials for colour and to attract wildlife.

In front of the dining room window we created a pond feature which is half in and half out of the bank. It has the appearance of being surrounded by slate walling. We were asked to place the clients statue on a plinth at the back of the pond. The pond has a small waterlily and other water plants to attract wildlife and provide colour. The box hedging has an extra layer at the back of the pond in a semi circle. This helped to focus the eye on the pond when viewing from the house.

The slate wall changes with the weather its lovely blue grey turns to plum when it gets wet in the rain and it shines in the sun. The garden changes throughout the year also with the evergreen of the box hedging and the slate really taking center stage in winter.

This difficult slope was transformed with a simple garden wall how can we help you with your garden? Contact us


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March 9, 2016

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